About Us

We exist to fight for the interests of ordinary working class people living in the Wigan Borough area. We believe those interests are essentially the same as those of other ordinary folk around the world.

We are run solely for that pupose by our membership as a whole. All our office bearers, and anyone else representing us, are servants of the membership, and obey the decisions made at our meetings.

Our meetings are open to all local residents who support our general principles & agree with our Constitution.

Agenda items at our meetings are decided by the body of the meeting – individual members are allowed to write into the agenda any item they want discussed while the meeting is in progress.

We do not counterpose ourselves to any other political party or organisation with similar aims and principles. Rather we seek to work with them and their members locally, and at every other level, to promote the greatest possible unity in action of all progressive, Green, Socialist and other Left-wing activists, and of the wider organised working class movement as a whole within our area and at every other level.

We seek to do this because we believe this is the most effective way for the organised working class movement, and for radical change within our society, to respond to the ruling class onsalught we are currently facing. We seek to do this because we believe UNITY is STRENGTH locally, nationally and globally!

Our door is open to anyone, including to the members of any other political party or organisation who supports such a perspective. We seek to arrive at all our decisions as far as possible, via consensus. However, where this is not possible we believe the rule of the majority should apply.


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