What We Stand For

A short pamphlet about who we are, what we stand for, how we fight for it, and why you should join us, is currently being put together. The first draft of this will be circulated to all Wigan BGS members in the not too distant future, for comment, discussion and amendment.

The draft of our proposed basis for a common Borough-wide Progressive-Green-Socialist-Left election Manifesto at the next local elections in May 2012, and for our ongoing campaigning work alongside as many others as we can encourage to take up the fight in the next period, which we have given the name of ‘The Wigan Borough People’s Charter” and which is based on the national ‘People’s Charter’ endorsed by the TUC and many individual unions and other organisations, can be viewed at: https://wigangreensocialists.wordpress.com/2011/10/09/wigan-borough-peoples-charter-discussion-forum. It is already the subject of such comment, discussion and amendment. If you want to express your own thoughts on it then please feel free to do so in the comments section of that page.

To provide a further flavour to what we stand for, included below is an extract from the material we put out during our first Green Socialists’ election campaign in the Atherton Ward in May 2011, in which we got 320 votes and 9% of the poll.

Libraries, youth and other vital public services are facing the axe.

Most ordinary people’s incomes are falling and many face losing their jobs altogether in the coming months.

The price of gas, electricity, petrol and food prices are all going up, as are Council rents, water bills and the cost of insurance.

Mortgage payments too are set to rise significantly along with the Bank of England’s minimum lending rate.

The Bankers are continuing to pay themselves £billions in bonuses.

The Sunday Times Rich List saw their wealth increase by over £77 billion last year to £335.5 billion.

The huge corporations and businesses which dominate the economy are to see further cuts in the tax on their profits.

The oil companies and arms dealers have never had it so good.


It is a lie to say that there is no alternative to what the Government is doing.

The Coalition Government has made a political choice.

They have decided to make ordinary folk pay for the economic mess that the Bankers, the super rich and their casino economic system have got us into aided and abetted by all the three main parties.

They have decided to do this in preference to making those responsible pay through a progressive system of taxation which would see the Bankers and super rich generally foot the bill and those least well off pay nothing.




Rather than cuts in public sector jobs and services, pay freezes or cuts, slashing benefits and privatising the NHS, the Government should be investing in improving our public services, creating new jobs, and seeking to improve the pay of ordinary people and putting everyone to work.

This would help to reflate the economy including our high streets and to reduce the present budget deficit.

It is inconceivable that there is any better way right now of doing this to the benefit of everyone than the Government investing substantial sums annually in the fight against the growing threat of climate change which is fast reaching the point where it may become completely uncontrollable by human beings and have globally catastrophic implications.

The growing threat of irreversible climate change and increasing depletion of the world’s natural resources is ultimately driven by the same thing as the global Banking crisis of 2008 – the wholly profit obsessed and orientated global Capitalist economic system and the key role oil and other fossil fuels play in the overall equation.

Instead of doing little to nothing concerning these issues, the Government should be investing in the development of renewable energy production such as marine, wind and solar power, building millions of new carbon neutral Council houses, and working towards such things as a fully integrated free public transport system which might provide a safe and reliable alternative means of getting people to where they need to go, to how they might currently do by car.

If reflating the economy and averting a climate change catastrophe were not good enough reasons by themselves, to justify such investment, according to the Report produced by the former IMF/World Bank Top Economist Sir Nicholas Stern this would also save us all a huge amount of money as time goes on.

Indeed, according to him, any such investment would save us having to spend twenty times the amount in ten years time in order to have the same effect. i.e. equate with a potential 95% financial saving if not to directly saving the planet and our own kid’s, and grandkid’s futures.

If that is not sound economics then who knows what is?


To do nothing and grin and bear it, or to join together with other ordinary folk in mounting a fight back against what the Coalition Government is doing and to seek to politically defeat it along with all those who back it.

The current Coalition does not have a mandate, and is in a much weaker position than a majority Tory or even Labour Government would be!

Ordinary working people and their families constitute the overwhelming majority of the population.

They need to bring their currently dormant, and what is in reality unvanquishable political power to bear, to impose their own will on events as the democratic majority. Alternatively, they’re in for a hammering and a grim uncertain future.

Ordinary folk in the Atherton Ward can make a start by voting for me on 5th May to become a Wigan MBC Councillor.

They can also do that by additionally getting involved in the fight against the Government directly alongside those already doing so and encouraging others to get involved as well.

Ultimately, that rather than electing anyone as an MP or Councillor is what will bring about any real change in the situation.

As the Shelley poem goes:

“Rise like Lions after slumber
in unvanquishable number.
Shake your chains to earth like dew
which in sleep had fallen on you –
Ye are many – they are few.”


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