AN ECONOMY FOR THE 99% – share ideas and tools to make it happen!

The conference will be an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy a creative, friendly and vibrant atmosphere.

The conference will be an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy a creative, friendly and vibrant atmosphere.

Organised by Climate Survivors and the Alliance for Jobs and Climate

Whilst austerity is presented as the only way, many local groups are working together in creative ways with positive results such as Incredible Edible who take unused land and grow food for free; a housing co-op who train and employ the long term unemployed and bring empty properties back into use; ‘Move Your Money’ who give us back ethical control over our money and/or help us access trustable credit unions; Charter for Abundance proposing a shorter working week and affordable leisure (*Full programme below).

They are showing there is another way…. there are lots of other ways.  Keynote speaker – author and broadcaster Charles Secrett – declares ‘It’s the economy stupid!’ and he and others will share evidence based visions of economics that not only provide jobs and services but re-green and re-balance our planet.

The conference will be an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy a creative, friendly and vibrant atmosphere.  The organisers would love to hear your ideas, thoughts, feelings and of any projects you are involved in.

Would be great to see you there.  Please visit the eventbrite page to book.  The organisers’ intention is that is should be affordable to all – £5 waged, £2 concession or complementary if unfinanced.

Workshops (provisionally)…   ((NB There will also be an evening follow on with songs from Banner Theatre at 7pm))

* It’s the Economy stupid! – Keynote speaker Charles Secrett explodes the myth that austerity is the only way and explores the diversity of positive alternatives.

* Charter for Abundance – Imagine a world where we work less hours, leisure is affordable, green space is abundant, food is fresh and local, goods are non toxic and biodegradable, energy is non polluting and affordable, all have the opportunity for useful and meaningful work.  ‘Entirely possible’ say the authors of the Charter.

* Incredible Edible – In the UK we import around 70% of what we eat.  This food growing group believe food-miles-free-fresh-local produce is possible for all.  They voraciously plant food on any available idle land – and then eat it.. for free!

Housing shortage, what shortage? – At least a million houses are lying empty and yet people desperately need homes.  What if those seeking jobs and skills could be trained and bring those properties back into use?  A local innovative housing project, doing just that, will present this workshop.

Move your money – It seems that the bulk of the money is out of our reach,controlled by the few… but if we organise together then we can be pretty powerful.  Are you happy with the way your ‘banked’ money is used?  This workshop will help you have more choice and/or access banking services even if your income is low.

* One Million Climate Jobs – People need jobs and the climate needs fixing – why can’t the two be put together?  They can to the benefit of all and planet – assert the facilitators of this workshop!

Beyond the Fragments – The secretary of the Alliance for Jobs and Climate shares the experience of how diverse groups working together enriches and strengthens all. 

* Skilling up – How can we be best equipped as a movement for the period ahead?

Meditation for all – Self care and relaxation for stretched activists… Ommm 🙂

Economics and empathy – How would our economy look if love and care of people and planet were at it’s core?

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