When Are They Gonna Learn? (Fracking Hell!)

A story by REAF (Ribble Estuary Against Fracking) as told by Southport Band The End.

We also hope The End will be performing at Camp Frack 2 on the weeknd of the 10th, 11th & 12th May at Mere Brow, nr Tarleton, Lancashire.



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2 Responses to When Are They Gonna Learn? (Fracking Hell!)

  1. Robert Eagleton says:

    It is terribly hypocritical how the self defined “communist” Stephen Hall used his position as one of the key organisers at Camp Frack to insist on a banner (with the hammer and sickle sign on it) to be censored from photo opportunities, yet he had no qalms with the Wigan Borough Green Socialists’ having their banner up during such opportunities. For an indidividual who praises and promotes Ken Loach’s recent appeal for Left Unity (a pluralist movement), the comrade clearly struggles to be consistent with his beliefs and should consider what kind of Left Unity he really wants.

  2. Stephen Hall says:

    I think you may have a case Robert if what you describe were the full facts of the matter.

    The reality is, I asked the carriers of the banner concerned, on no less than three occasions to move to a position to their right, i.e. immediately adjacent to or behind the Wigan Green Socialists banner, rather than in the dead centre of the photo shoot. I did this not least because they were not even slightly involved in the organisation of the event let alone centrally involved, and secondly because the themes of the Camp were NO to Fracking and Yes to One Million Climate Jobs, and not at all connected with promoting, a badly painted I might add, icon of the USSR, which few involved with the Camp would identify with anyway, and which centrally placed as the carriers seemed stubbornly determined to place it, might be interpreted by a wider audience viewing any photos as something everyone at the Camp was keen to be associated with and endorse.

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