United Response from the Left required to the Crisis We are Facing!

Video footage of Nick Wrack of the Independent Socialist Network speaking at the recent “Socialist Organisation & Democracy Today” meeting in Manchester organised by the Anticapitalist Initiative, Socialist Resistance and the Independent Socialist Network.

The meeting brought together activists from a range of backgrounds, who recognise the need for both a united response from the anti-Capitalist Left, as well as a more democratic and pluralist conception of organisation, which encourages free thinking, participation and autonomy, so that after decades of sectarian division, defeats and confusion, all those who claim the mantle of standing for the interests of the working class might begin at long last, to seriously meet the huge political challenges the majority of people are faced with arising from the deepening global crisis of the Capitalist system.

Further video footage of the meeting which also included contributions from Cat Rylance of the Anti-Capitalist Initiative and Terry Conway of Socialist Resistance can be viewed at: http://anticapitalists.org/2013/02/14/videos-socialist-organisation-and-democracy-manchester/

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