Fracking on its Way to Greater Manchester Area

Fracking on its way to Greater Manchester areaPhoto from the Frack-Off website:

Fracking for Shale Gas, as well as the extraction of Coal Bed Methane (CBM) is coming to Greater Manchester, Merseyside & North Cheshire soon.

Due to the geologic strata of the area consisting of alternating shales, sandstones and coal seams, energy company IGas are to spend £15m on exploratory drilling for shale gas at two sites, at Irlam in Greater Manchester and Ellesmere Port in Cheshire in the summer.

Depending on the results of the exploratory wells, which they hope will help to show how much shale gas there is in the ground, it’s highly likely that they’ll then seek planning permission to ‘frack’ them to test the ease of gas extraction.

If this indicates fracking operations would be profitable, as IGas are obviously hoping, a major threat to the environment, public health and our climate is in the offing, right on our doorstep.

If this news about fracking for shale gas in our area was not bad enough. IGas are already planning five Coal Bed Methane production sites in the South Lancs/North Cheshire area ranging from Ellesmere Port in the west to the Trafford Centre in the east (see attached graphic) which are also to start soon. One of these is close to the site of the former Parkside Colliery in Newton-le-Willows (Merseyside).

Chat Moss, a great part of which is green belt land and stretches across the Wigan & Warrington Borough areas in addition to the western part of the City of Salford, would look to be a potential centre of operations for both shale gas and coal bed methane production.

The facts are, these are sources of energy we don’t actually need, when there are much more environmentally friendly and sane alternatives at our disposal, as outlined in the One Million Climate Jobs report – alternatives which would create considerably more and sustainable jobs in the long run, help to massively reduce greenhouses gas emissions and the growing threat of irreversible and catastrophic climate change, as well as put money into the pockets of ordinary folk, rather than the shareholders of energy companies who basically couldn’t give a damn about anything other than their bottom line.

Ordinary people need to mount a massive campaign, across Greater Manchester, the North West, nationally and internationally to stop this madness. Sign up to the Anti-Fracking network now: and watch out for news of forthcoming meetings, and protest actions.


With companies such as IGas looking to develop CBM extraction as well as fracking for shale gas as early as 2014 within the Greater Manchester area, and Davyhulme Sewage works potentially also to become the site for the processing of billions of gallons of toxic frack waste water from all over the North West, a meeting which aims to begin a discussion amongst local anti-fracking and climate activists, as well as other environmental campaigners, on how we might best work together across the city region as well as regionally and nationally to stop it, has been organised for Tuesday 19th February starting at 7.00pm at the Friends’ Meeting House, Mount Street, in Central Manchester. See:
The Meeting is supported by Greater Manchester Association of Trades Councils (GMATUC)

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