Save Bolton’s Health Services, Save Our A&E – Fight Job Cuts


A sizeable turnout is expected for this town centre rally in Bolton on Saturday 1st December.

Not only is the local A&E unit under threat in the the forthcoming Healthier Together Review of how NHS services are provided across Greater Manchester, but 500 jobs are also immediately under threat and the entire staff have been issued with statutory 90 day redundancy notices.

The hospital’s bosses are also talking about re-hiring staff on new terms and conditions which would tear up national pay and condition agreements.

There is also already a two month old campaign against the threatened loss of the local A&E unit which is broadly backed, including by the town’s 3 MPs. All these factors should, despite the Xmas shopping mania amongst many, and the cold and potentially even poor weather, result in a big crowd of angry Boltonians attending.

See Facebook Event Page:

Wigan Borough Green Socialists favour both a GM wide and national campaign response, as opposed to isolated and localised campaigns, as only on a much geographically broader and ultimately nationwide basis are we going to be able to muster the support to force the Government to back off with its £20billion cuts programme (despite Tory election manifesto commitments to increase spending on the NHS year on year) and wholesale break up and privatisation of the NHS everywhere.

If ever there was a focus for a big national battle in our view, then it is surely around the defence of the NHS, arguably the greatest ever individual social gain of ordinary people in this country.

As Socialists as well as Greens, it is a fight we should be at the forefront of in our own respective areas, by helping to facilitate the broadest possible involvement and active participation of ordinary people, advancing sound campaigning ideas, tactics and a strategy that will best help to build up a mass movement, and in helping to provide a lead by our own principled example in terms of carrying them out and in assisting others to do so.

We decided at our last meeting to make the fight to save OUR NHS one of our priorities in the next period, along with work around opposition to fracking/in support of the one million climate jobs report (especially around the proposed Camp Frack 2 in May) the ‘tastier greener community pie’ theme; and to continue with our support for the Wigan Diggers’ Festival.

If you can help out in any way, in any of this, including by attending this rally, then that would be greatly appreciated, as there are currently not many of us, and the tasks we face are considerable.

That said, we are growing in strength and influence and are confident of growing considerably more in the period ahead.


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