Wigan Green Socialists – Pre-Xmas Programme

Forthcoming events in the Wigan area, Greater Manchester & the North West, Wigan Borough Green Socialist members and supporters are directly backing or involved with:

Wednesday 31st October  – 12.00-14.00

Black Friday (23rd Nov) ‘Solidarity Action’ with Walmart workers in the USA – Open Planning Meeting – Cafe, People’s History Museum, Left Bank/Bridge Street, Manchester M3 3ER


Saturday 3rd November – 10.00-14.00

NW Anti-Fracking Activists – Planning Meeting,  St. Wilfrid’s Presbytery, Chapel Street, Preston

(Close to Preston Railway Station – turn right at the top of the Station Approach into Fishergate, Chapel Street is then the fourth street on your right. The meeting place is about 30-40 yards down on the lefthand side, through a set of gates and then the first door on the left – opposite the entrance of the Church)

see Google Map
Proposed Agenda by Helen from FoE
  • Legal update
  • Planning update – applications and Local Plans
  • Political lobbying and strategy – Cllrs (including County elections), MPs, Frack Free councils
  • Outreach, raising awareness locally, and allies
  • Revisit brainstorm ideas and decide on a joint action (if we want to…) A Camp Frack 2 is one of the suggestions

Saturday 3rd November – 11.15-13.00

Wigan Save Our A&Es Campaign – outside the Grand Arcade, Standishgate. Will include leafletting for the following Saturday’s meeting at Wigan Town Hall on the same issue, and collecting signatories for the Wigan (& Leigh) Save Our A&Es Petition, which you can download here:  Wigan SAVE A&Es

See: https://www.facebook.com/events/487959637905400/ for the meeting details. 

There will be a photo call at 11.30am for the Wigan Evening Post. Would be great if Wigan BGS members and supporters could be there and help out with the Wigan & Leigh Save Our NHS/Keep Our NHS Public campaign effort on the day alongside Wigan Trades Council members.

Please also sign and publicise the new online GMATUC/GMAC Greater Manchester Accident & Emergency Units – HM Government site e-petition at:


Saturday 3rd November – 15.00-16.30

Greater Manchester Association of Trades Union Councils (GMATUC) sponsored meeting open to all anti-cuts, anti-austerity and anti-privatisation activists in GM wanting to get involved.

The meeting will be discussing the organisational practicalities of, advanced publicity for, and how we might collectively secure the broadest possible attendance at, three forthcoming events in Greater Manchester.

1) A lunchtime rally in solidarity with the one day ‘general strikes’ taking place in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus & Italy on Wednesday 14th November. This to ideally include not only trade union speakers but representative from pensioners groups, students, local anti-cuts campaigns, etc

2) An evening rally on Wednesday 5th December in Piccadilly Gardens to protest at the further austerity measures likely to be announced by Chancellor George Osborne in his planned budget statement earlier on that day.

3) A day of protest including a united Greater Manchester march and rally in Manchester city centre on Saturday 8th December, which might draw in everyone opposed to Osborne’s further austerity measures and the Government’s continuing policy of cuts, privatisation, and making the mass of ordinary people, rather than the bankers, big corporations and super-rich in general, foot the bill for the mess their bankrupt system has got us into.



Saturday 3rd November – 21.00-23.30

Wigan Diggers’ Festival performers John The Baptist & The Second Coming play the Tudor House Hotel, New Market Street, Wigan

Tuesday 6th November – 19.30-21.00

Wigan Trades Council Meeting – Unemployed Centre, New Market Street, Wigan

Saturday 10th November – 9.00-16.00

Liverpool Against the Cuts and Manchester Coalition Against Cuts are jointly hosting a North West Anti Cuts Conference at the Unite the Union Offices in Liverpool on Saturday 10th November.

 These are just some of the workshops:

Unions and Communities Fighting Back Together : Defending the NHS : Fighting Youth Unemployment and Workfare : Anti Academies : Hands off the Welfare State : Can Councillors Defy the Cuts :

The Conference will also be calling action. 

The Tories planning even more cuts of £10 Billion or more to welfare benefits and services. George Osborne will make his autumn budget statement on Wednesday 5th December.

The Conference will be calling for co-ordinated marches and protest against further austerity in towns and cities across the North West.

Saturday 10th November – 11.00-13.00

Wigan & Leigh Save Our A&Es – PUBLIC MEETING – Organised by Wigan Trades Council, supported Wigan & Leigh Save Our NHS/Keep Our NHS Public (See Foyer Noticeboard for Room Details)

See: https://www.facebook.com/events/487959637905400/

One or More Greater Manchester A&E units could get the axe!

One or more of the A&E Units at Wigan, Bolton, Trafford, Tameside and North Manchester (Rochdale’s and Bury’s have already been severly cut back) are under threat as a result of the ‘Healthier Together’ review of how NHS services are provided. Greater Manchester could potentially be left with as few as only 5 A&E units in Central & South Manchester, Oldham, Stockport and at Hope Hospital in Salford following the review, without a really big fight by Greater Manchester residents across all 10 local authority areas.

Local ‘Save Our A&Es’ campaigns have already been launched in Bolton & Trafford.

This meeting seeks to do that in the Wigan Borough area.

Wigan BGS members and supporters are urged to attend the meeting and get involved in the Wigan & Leigh and wider Greater Manchester campaign to save ALL our A&Es and OUR NHS!

Monday 12th November – 19.30-21.30

Wigan Borough Green Socialists – Monthly Members & Supporters Meeting, The Anvil pub, Dorning Street, Wigan

Agenda yet to be arranged. Please send in your suggestions for agenda items.

Tuesday 13th November – 18.00-19.30

Bolton Save Our A+Es Meeting, Lancaster Suite, Bolton Town Hall.



Wednesday 14th November – 12.00-15.00

GMATUC Solidarity Rally with workers taking part in one day general strikes in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus & Italy. Venue TBC (Likely Manchester Friends’ Meeting House) Broad range of speakers to be invited, including from pensioners, students, disabled and unemployed groups. Contact: stefan.cholewka@btinternet.com for further details.



Thursday 15th November – ALL DAY

Greater Manchester Police & Crime Commissioner Elections – Your Local Polling Station.

Not much choice for us in these elections as only 5 candidates declared and none are from the political Left. Labour look likely to win by a mile on a low turnout standing against a right-wing ‘Independent’, Lib-Dem, UKIP and Tory candidate. In the case of the latter Wigan Tory leader Michael Winstanley.

We can discuss at our monthly meeting what position we should take on this election which might be to collectively abstain. However, there is also a case that despite our own general political opposition to Labour, and because there is no left of Labour candidate to vote for, that we should give (for what it’s worth) our critical support to Labour as the lesser evil and grit our teeth and all vote Labour on the day. It will make for an interesting discussion anyway.

Thursday 15th November – ALL DAY

Alternatively, help to support the Trades Unionist & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate Alex Davidson in the Manchester Central By-Election on the same day. Candidates statements can be viewed at: http://menmedia.co.uk/manchestereveningnews/news/politics/s/1592397_take-your-pick-from-the-manchester-central-by-election-candidates

Wigan Borough Green Socialists are affiliated to TUSC nationally, so any help any of us can give them on election day or in the campaign beforehand would be handy. Contact Stephen if you’d like to help out in any way.

Monday 19th November – 19.30-21.30

Wigan Diggers’ Festival Committee Meeting, The Anvil pub, Dorning Street, Wigan.

Agenda yet to be arranged.

All welcome.


Thursday 22nd November – 19.30-23.30

Bolton Save Our A+Es Social, Derby Ward Labour Club, Deane Road, Bolton

Thursday 23rd November – Time & Venue to be announced

Greater Manchester solidarity action with Walmart workers in the USA. Contact Stephen for further details on 07724 139278. We need volunteers to take part in the high profile action organisers hope to deliver on the day.

Tuesday 27th November – 18.00-19.30

Bolton Save Our A+Es Meeting, Lancaster Suite, Bolton Town Hall.



Thursday 29th November – ALL DAY

Notice of the Croydon by-election, in which Lee Jasper of the Respect Party is likely to put in a good showing

December details to follow:

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