Plebgate – Tory Chief Whip’s Head Must Roll!

How do you know when a Tory is telling lies? They move their lips! Here’s one doing so!

EXTRACT from POLICE LOG revealed in today’s Daily Telegraph: “After several refusals Mr MITCHELL got off his bike and walked to the pedestrian gate with me after I again offered to open that for him.

"There were several members of public present as is the norm opposite the pedestrian gate and as we neared it, Mr MITCHELL said: "Best you learn your f------ don’t run this f------ government...You’re f------ plebs." The members of public looked visibly shocked and I was somewhat taken aback by the language used and the view expressed by a senior government official. I can not say if this statement was aimed at me individually, or the officers present or the police service as a whole.

“I warned Mr MITCHELL that he should not swear, and if he continued to do so I would have no option but to arrest him under the Public Order Act, saying “Please don’t swear at me Sir. If you continue to I will have no option but to arrest you under the public order act”.

“Mr MITCHELL was then silent and left saying “you haven’t heard the last of this” as he cycled off.”

Tory Chief Whip Mitchell was certainly right there concerning not having heard the last of it. His head must surely roll as a result of it, for without it, people can only draw the conclusion the rest of the Government concur with his elitist scumbag views. Plus if individual police officers or the police as a whole are plebs, what do they think the rest of us are?


The Police log of the incident is clearly at odds with the denial by Mitchell to the media that he used the words referred to. See the short video at

When one or more members of the public who witnessed the ‘Plebgate’ incident comes forward, as surely they will, then someone’s also got to get the sack here, as both the Police account and that of the Tory Chief Whip can’t obviously both be true.

If Mitchell falls on his own sword in the meantime, then that would be a self admission on his part, that he not only made his elitist “know your place you pleb” comments to the police officer concerned, but ALSO knowingly lied to the media in the interview above, as well as to Cameron earlier, about him not having said them i.e. show he’s a two faced liar as well as an upper class elitist arsehole.

Daily Mail Headline from less than two weeks ago states: “…the police lied and lied”. This being so, it is difficult for most people to work out who may be lying about whom? Is it the PC about the Tory Politician or vice versa? I think most people here will likely go with the PC’s account as being about right, as the Tories have turned lying into a high art. Everyone can also well imagine that’s exactly how they think of us all, and Mitchell just let it slip in response to not getting is way with a lowly PC and being able to use the ‘main gate’ befitting his high office and even bigger ego. They are after all they are born and bred to be the Lords and Masters and we are the plebs and unter-Plebs who should know our place!

On the other hand, if the police account was shown to have been fabricated (which would look something of an outrageous and highly risky accusation, in terms of his future job prospects, for a lone PC to simply make up such a story about a ‘high ranking Government official’, and also say there were witnesses to it, who were all shocked by Mitchell’s swearing) by someone coming forward to corroborate that no such words were used or swearing by the Tory Chief Whip, this wouldn’t look good on them right now either. This is so, if only for the reason that the Police along with previous Tory ministers, Kelvin Mackenzie and The Sun newspaper are still reeling from the revelation less than a fortnight ago, that senior police officers systematically lied over the deaths of the 96 Liverpool fans at Hillsborough and a great deal of the evidence showing the contrary to be true was doctored or went missing.

Either way it looks bad for the existing establishment in terms of who in any position of state authority anyone can rely on as telling the truth in Capitalist Britain. My guess is here, like many other people’s no doubt, is the copper’s version of events sounds about right.

On a lighter note. Here’s former Sun Editor Kelvin Mackenzie getting someone of his own medicine.

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2 Responses to Plebgate – Tory Chief Whip’s Head Must Roll!

  1. Stephen Hall says:

    Interesting development. Now we find the Police account was fabricated and the witness who came forward (by e-mail) was another police officer, who now admits he wasn’t there at all. CCTV evidence bears this out.

    In an article by Jonathan Bracey-Gibbon a freelance journalist who over the past 15 years has written for The Times, the Financial Times, The Sunday Times and Sunday Express in ‘The Commentator’ see: asks: “Is ‘plebgate’ now as big a scandal as the hacking furore?”
    He says:

    “…this story now is not only about wanton police lying, it is about a far more sinister politicised activity which may well include elements of the Police Federation, not to mention the press and its relationship with the police, The Telegraph’s dubious acquisition of the police log, and The Sun’s anti-Cameron agenda. Crick’s story reveals not only evidence of falsehood in the police log, but also a covert attempt by elements in the police to corroborate a fiction with the clear intention to dump Mitchell, and the Tories right in it.

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