Fracking! A Disaster Waiting to Happen We Don’t Need!

The likes of Cuadrilla Resources say that fracking is perfectly safe if it’s done correctly. I suppose you could abstractly argue the same thing for almost everything – as it’s nye on a truism! The trouble is, even under the so-called ‘safest’ systems, accidents still happen in the real world, for whatever reason, and all the more so when making money is involved.

No system in reality can be said to be ‘perfectly safe’, and what the question ultimately boils down to here, is what the fracking industry thinks it can ‘acceptably’ get away with, in relation to the general public, in terms of its immediate and ongoing environmental and public health impact, i.e doesn’t generate so large a political opposition as to see the industry closed down on ‘safety’ grounds.


Fracking in my view however, is not only not safe under ANY conditions, and never can be, but one whole huge disaster waiting to happen! It clearly increases CO2 emissions, adding to the growing threat of irreversible and catastrophic climate change, rather than reducing them. It also, irrefutably pollutes the environment with toxic chemicals and radioactive material, in one way or another. The question is merely one of degree. The worst scenarios, as the video below shows, can be potentially catastrophic. The cumulative environmental and public health impact is unquantifiable.

If this was not sufficient reason to reject the case for fracking, we don’t need this form of energy on any account either, when we have cleaner, safer, more environmentally friendly and renewable means of generating energy like solar, wind, hydro, wave and tidal power at our disposal. Were the Government to invest in these, on the scale that Germany has, then this would help to not only greatly alleviate Britain’s growing ‘energy crisis’ and to fight the growing threat of irreversible climate change, it would also put many more thousands of people into long term, decently paid, safe, employment than fracking could possibly ever do.

German solar power plants produced a world record 22 gigawatts of electricity per hour, equal to 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity, through the midday hours last Friday & Saturday. Source & Copyright Greenpeace/Langrock

The only thing we are actually lacking in all this, is the will on the part of the greater part of the population as well as Government, to make that happen. Implementation of the proposals of the One Million Climate Jobs Report would be very much a step in right direction, and at a net cost of £18bn, is less than a quarter of the cost of the impending EU bail-out of Spanish banks, which won’t create any news jobs, help to tackle Spain or the EU’s energy needs, or assist with their transition to zero carbon economies. It certainly strikes me as the much better idea of the two, and the one with the greater bang for its bucks as far as the immediate and longer term interests of ordinary people are concerned. But what do I know?


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