A Tastier, Greener and Incredibly Edible Bent ‘n’ Bongs Pie

Saturday 30th June, 10.30am – 4.00pm      

St. Richard’s Jubilee Hall, Atherton – FREE LUNCH & REFRESHMENTS PROVIDED

Transforming public areas, and especially currently unused green spaces, into an edible landscape along the lines of Todmorden’s hugely successful ‘Incredible Edible’ project, will be one of a number of innovative co-operative community initiatives under discussion at the ‘Tastier Greener Bent ‘n’ Bongs Pie‘ Open Day at Atherton’s Jubilee Hall on Saturday.

Other ideas the event will be looking at will include, how Atherton and Tyldesley residents can set up locally based social-enterprises such as workers’ co-ops, co-operative community renewable energy generation projects, and community gardening, farming and other similar initiatives.

The aim of the day, say the organisers, is “…to both inform, as well as empower, ordinary people living in both communities, by means of the co-operative principle, to address some of social, economic and environmental challenges they are facing, not least rising unemployment, food and fuel prices, the decline and breakdown of our community spirit, and the growing threat of climate change.”

Contributors on the day will include the Shropshire based ‘Sharenergy Co-op’ who have already helped to establish a number of community based renewable energy generation co-operatives there, Pam Warhurst from the hugely successful ‘Incredible Edible Todmorden’, plus others from Groundwork Trust, Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation, Wigan MBC and the Gerrard Winstanley Society, who along with Greater Manchester Association of Trades Councils, are responsible for putting together the day’s programme.

Information on how to access support with training, and project funding from a range of sources, up to £40,000 will be available at the meeting.

“With the Co-operative itself making a big push later this year to promote renewable energy co-operatives, and this also being ‘The Year of Co-operatives’ there is probably not a better time in the recent past for ordinary people to be involving themselves in promoting socially useful and environmentally sustainable co-operative initiatives of all kinds, including renewable energy co-operatives. It’s bound to create more than a few worthwhile and sustainable jobs in the process, can only help to improve our local environment, and demonstrate the power of ordinary people working collectively together.”

The FREE event is part funded by The Big Lottery Fund.

A Free Buffet Lunch and Refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/288459204582948/

Press Release Issued by:

Stephen Hall

President, Greater Manchester Association of Trades Union Councils

39 Spa Road, Atherton, Manchester M46 9NR

Tel: 01942 886645 Mob: 07724 139278

E-mail: stevechik@talktalk.net

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