Join the International Women’s Day March Against The Cuts

Women need pensions too!


Join Us At The International Womens’ Day March Against The Cuts

Women face the biggest impact of the cuts – job losses, pay and pension cuts, effects of social care and health cuts, closure and reduction of child care, and more. The poorest and most vulnerable are being hit hardest, while the richest 1% of the population as a whole have seen their share of wealth increase. The next round of cuts by Council’s across Greater Manchester will be ‘announced’ the day before the 8th March, International Womens Day. March with us in Manchester city centre to protest those cut backs and celebrate International Women’s Day.

THEME: No return to Victorian Poverty

Two hundred years on, this Government’s policy is for mass austerity, recreating poverty and inequality not seen since Victorian times. To highlight this point, some marchers will dress as ‘urchins’ and carry bowls asking for ‘some more.’

The march will pass the Palace Theatre where ‘Oliver’ is being performed, then on to the Royal Bank of Scotland Centre at Spinningfields on Deansgate for a photo shoot protest, highlighting the contrast between the Banks that were ‘bailed out’ and the people who have been ‘sold out’.

The final will be in Catherdral Garden, by Urbis. This is an area where Engels may have looked upon when they wrote about the Conditions of the Working Class in England .. and the political force that could end all exploitation and oppression.

Please bring banners, placards. Urchin dress is optional. Bring spoons on pots and pans to bang, as was used in the protests against austerity in Argentina.

Called by Manchester Coalition Against Cuts; supported by Unite The Union’s Save Our Sure Starts Child Care Conference and UNITE Fujitsu Manchester.

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