Gayle O’Donovan – Tragic News – Tribute to an Activist

Photo of Gayle who sadly died last weekend.

Wigan Borough Green Socialists members are saddened to hear, and inform readers of this Blog, of the death of Green Left member and Ecosocialist fighter Gayle O’Donovan at the weekend.

Gayle was the Green Party candidate in Hulme at the last General Election and an activist in the Manchester Green Party.

She moved to Norwich to work for the Green Party there, soon after the election. 

It is tragic that someone so young has died!

Gayle was well known to some of us as an ally and collaborator in the 2010 “Climate & Capitalism” Day School organised jointly by Socialist Resistance and the Green Left in Manchester. In tribute to her, a short clip of her speaking at this event is included below.

Gayle was also known to us due to her strong support and involvement in the Convention of the Left (CotL) while she was living in Manchester.
John Nicholson from the CotL writes:
She was an activist first and foremost and an enthusiast in everything that she became involved in around the Convention. She was particularly important in bringing in the ‘Green’ side to join with the ‘Red’ – in parallel with the Convention, she helped organise and she shared many platforms and events that sought agreement between Greens and Socialists.
“She was also instrumental in bringing party activists into engagement with critical issues – Palestine notably, and of course the initiation and development of Ecosocialist conferences which linked climate to Capitalism.
“She was a great fighter and she will be missed.”
Hulme Green Party have set up a Tribute page for Gayle at:
You may also wish to post your condolences on Gayle’s Facebook Page:
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