Don’t forget to give us your views!

Don’t forget to give us your views on our proposed platform for a unified Left of Labour slate at the May 2012 local elections. If you fancy standing as a candidate, then you should get in touch a.s.a.p.

Wigan Borough Green Socialists

At our launch meeting we agreed to schedule a discussion on a revised ‘Wigan Borough People’s Charter’ which it is hoped might form the basis of both a common ‘Left’ local election Manifesto in the May 2012 elections and provide the framework for ongoing joint campaigning work across the Borough, alongside the national ‘People’s Charter’, by all those who claim to be ‘of the Left’.

Here is the last draft of it. Please feel free to pass comment on it and to suggest revisions of it. Also to comment on other people’s comments and proposals.

* No to cuts in our Council or other local public sector services. No to school closures and private business sponsored ‘Academies’, PFI Mega Schools or similar proposals which seek to hive off part or all of our public services to the private sector, and/or in the case of PFI, put us in hock to…

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