Wigan Borough Green Socialists – December Programme

Photo of part of the 600 plus crowd at Wednesday's Wigan town centre Rally.

Photo of part of the 600 plus crowd at Wednesday's Wigan town centre Rally on Pensions. The event organised by the Trades Council was part of the TUC's Day of Action and was the largest of its kind in the town for many years.

Whilst most of those who took part in the N30 ‘Pensions’ protest in Wigan on Wednesday are now focusing on their own family’s preparations for the Xmas and the New Year Holidays, the Wigan Borough Green Socialists have a series of meetings and other events planned for the run up to the festive period, which those who’d like to take a break from all that shopping might find of interest.

Wigan Green Socialists December Meeting

The first of these is our own December monthly meeting on Monday 5th December.     See: https://www.facebook.com/events/312946918723283/ for further details.

On Saturday 10th December why not join us and members of Wigan Diggers’ Festival Committee in a survey of the four proposed potential sites for the 2012 Wigan Diggers’ Festival.

The Wiend in Wigan - a potential site for the 2012 Wigan Diggers' Festival

The Wiend area in Wigan is one of four potential sites for the 2012 Wigan Diggers' Festival

Meet up at The Face of Wigan Statue, The Wiend/Millgate at 11.00am

Meet up with Wigan Council’s Town Centre Manager to survey the following sites:

The Wiend area
The Orwell at Wigan Pier
Market Place
Wigan Cricket Club

See: https://www.facebook.com/ events/124194344360505/ for further details.

Later in the afternoon why not join us at the open Left Forum organised by Manchester Anti-Capitalists at the Friends’ Meeting House Manchester, 3.00pm Start.

The meeting is open to all anti-Capitalists to discuss the problems of the existing left, the potentialities of the situation we find ourselves in, and how we can take practical steps towards a united, non-sectarian and dynamic Left.

More details at: https://www.facebook.com/events/184664398290882/

The following Tuesday why not join us, and members of the local Green Party, Campaign against Climate Change and Ribble Estuary Against Fracking to discuss the threat of hydraulic fracturing of shale-gas, which may well be coming to a field near you soon.

See: https://www.facebook.com/events/198711966879249/ for further details.

On the following Monday 19th December why not join us and the Wigan Diggers’ Festival Committee for our monthly meet up and festive do. Bring your own drink and a contribution to the Diggers’ Festive Fayre. Note the 6.30pm start for this one!

If you are wanting a break from all those repeats on TV during the Xmas Holidays, as well as all those Turkey Butties, why not join us and help raise much needed funds for Britain’s only daily Socialist newspaper The Morning Star by attending a rare performance of Benjamin Britten’s Opera “Billy Budd Libretto (words) by EM Forster at the Friends’ Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester on Wednesday 28th December

From a sea story by Herman Melville from the age of the Press Gang. 

Set aboard a British Naval ship of the line Ben Britten’s powerful 1951 masterpiece tells a tale of treachery, innocence betrayed and ruling class hypocrisy. 

Brilliantly evoked in this classic 1988 E.N.O. production.            

Starts at 6.00pm with intro by Karl Dallas Morning Star music critic.

Also on Wednesday 4th January at the same venue, another rare performance of:

John Adam’s Masterpiece ~ Nixon in China ~ 
Libretto (words) by Alice  Goodman
Premiering in 1987 inspired by Nixons 1972 visit.
A cocktail of wicked irony and sheer musical power. 
In a burgeoning new world of 24hr rolling news and the presidential jet a paranoid President, wife Pat and meglomaniac Secretary of State Kissinger collide with ageing Chairman Mao, Madam Mao and entourage.

Peter Sellars’ iconic 1987  production – an instant classic.

Tickets for both events (£7.00 each or £12.50 if you attend both) and further info at: https://sites.google.com/site/leftiesboxmastreat/

There are only a limited amount of seats, so please book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.  Tickets to both Operas would make a great Lefty Boxmas/New Year Treat.

Finally, if none of these events interest you, how about joining us for a back to basics ‘Eve of Eve of New Years Eve Green Socialists Pub Crawl’ in Atherton on Thursday 29th December. Provisionally starting at around 7.00pm at Old Isaacs’ Pub on Market Street. Contact Stephen on 07724 139 278 for precise details nearer the date.

If you can’t make any of the above events, then season’s greetings and all the best for the New Year. See you again in 2012! Our first meeting of the new year will be at The Anvil pub, Wigan on Monday 9th January, 7.30pm start.

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